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Fixing Master Boot Record (after deleting Ubuntu)

Yes. Its true. I’ve decided to wipe clean Ubuntu 7.0.4 from my Acer Aspire 4920. But before anyone gets into a frenzy about it, NO FRET, I fully intend to install the latest version of Ubuntu 9.0.4 (if that is still the latest version when I get down to do it, that is 🙂 ).

Actually, deleting Ubuntu was pretty straight forward for me. My set up is a dual boot between Windows XP and Ubuntu on my laptop Aspire 4920. So I simply activated Computer Managment MMC, used Disk Management to delete and format the partition that Ubuntu was on. To access Computer Management MMC, simply do the follow
Go to Start->Run and type in this command compmgmt.msc

Next step, fix the Master Boot Record which has been altered by Grub.
The good news is that I had previously configured my Aspire 4920 to default boot up in Windows XP,  so that meant I can just ignore the GRUB screen as long as I don’t activate Ubuntu. But hell, what’s the fun in that!!

I searched online for some help and found 2 solutions. Only one worked for me but I’m going to share both here.

1) The popular online solution (which didn’t work for me)
First you need to have a Windows XP CD. Insert it in the CD-Rom, boot from the CD and select “R” Recovery console. There is an option that allows you to FixMBR.
For more information, refer to: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307654
Well, the reason why this solution didn’t work for me was because when I got into recovery console, the damn machine told me that it could not detect my hard drive. I did some research on the net and the alternative is use the Repair installation option but of course they always tell you to BACK UP BEFORE YOU DO IT. So that means I run the risk of losing some important files, hmmm….don’t like that option. No worries, refer to option 2.

2) Also an easy solution (which worked for me)
First, Install a free tool called MBRFix, you can find it here:
Very good tool. The guy who wrote it and sharing it is a life saver. Boot the exe file from command prompt and you will be faced with several options: 13 to be exact.
For more information on command option, refer to this page:

I chose 2 options, master yoda and fixed the problem. 🙂

a) MbrFix /drive listpartitions -> This command displays partition information
Note: Replace drive with your actual drive number. So for me, I typed as:
MbrFix /0 listpartitions

b)MbrFix /drive fixmbr -> Update MBR code to W2K/XP/2003 or Vista
(or alternatively you can use the restorembr option).
MbrFix /0 fixmbr

Viola! Windows XP boots up like a charm.

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