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Flock Web browser – The ultimate social web browser powered by Mozilla

Long gone are the days that we had to stick with the default web browser Internet Explorer and be satisfied. Nowadays, there are so many other alternative web browsers out there to suit your needs and they can be such a breeze to download, install and use. The popular ones, of course, are IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Being a lazy person, I would say that I’ve been using IE and Firefox for the longest time and between the both of them, they have always met my needs. Not surprisingly, I never felt the need to test out the other web browsers….that is until I chance upon Flock.

My first reaction was: “Who are they?”. If they have been all the rage, forgive me, I am a self confessed “late developer” and am definitely not ahead of the curve on such things.  So back to the question: Who are they?

Flock is the award winning social web browser powered by Mozilla. That’s what they advertise themselves as and let me tell you THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE. You really got to give it to these people. After downloading and using Flock 2.5, I must say that I’ve NEVER enjoyed social networking as much as I have over the past few days. Now, I’m using flock to access all my accounts in one place and its never been so easy to twitter, facebook, upload links on delicious and many more. In fact, I’m even using Flock’s blog editor to write this post now! 

Here’s what the browser looks like on my computer:

Curious? Head over to Flock’s website and download Flock today! (Highly recommended, if social networking is your thing)

Note: In case you are wondering, Flock works well on Windows, Apple and Linux and also in 12 different languages 🙂

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