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The New iPad

Oh yes! It has been a while since I last updated this blog. And today I’m testing out the WordPress app on my new iPad. Double hooray!

Truth be told, I’m one of the few (or maybe there is more than a few of us) that have been quite contented with the generation 1 iPad. In fact, I was so comfortable with it that I could not really justify upgrading to iPad 2 when it was released a year ago. However, as time went on (and I’m not sure if I’m alone at this) I realized that my iPad 1 was getting more and more sluggish. I suspect that it has to do with apps being designed or upgraded to with a higher processor in mind? Anyway, by the time the new iPad was released, I had decided that I would do the upgrade.

On hindsight, simply put, for iPad 1 users, this is a no-brainer. Especially if you are like me and use the iPad on a daily basis. Also, why put yourself through the torture? If you are a tech geek, you know that the new iPad is what everyone will be talking about for weeks or even months until at least September when all attention goes onto the new Apple device release. Can you even fathom an escape plan to avoid all the new iPad advertisement which are simply everywhere?

Bite the bullet…..order your new iPad today….

Case in point:




And many more……

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